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Bunk Beds Pros and Cons For Kids and Adults

Parents of two children often do not have the opportunity to allocate a separate children’s room for each of the children, and with the improvement of the overall children’s primary issue, the economy of square meters becomes.

Most often the most standard variant comes to mind, it’s irreplaceable helpers in such situations – bunk beds, for kids and teenagers. And this is logical: if there is not enough room for furniture in horizontal way, you should think about actively using vertical space. Which makes a two-level bed: the two-level sleeping area has places for sleeping directly above each other.

Not all parents in our time can boast of spacious apartments, and the issue of furnishing a children’s room is acute for many. The task is even more complicated if a tiny children’s room needs to be equipped with sleeping (working, play) seats for two or even more children. In such situations, parents get bunk beds. What are they like, and what to consider when choosing such a bed?

Advantages of bunk beds

If you look closely, it becomes obvious that bunk beds are found almost everywhere, where there is a shortage of free space: in the army, in some hostels or even hotels. This is the main advantage of this design in rooms where there are two children: space saving. Almost 21 square feet is released when choosing the bunk beds. And this is a free space, clean air and a large-sized playing area on the floor.

bunk bed advantages

Another advantage of the bunk bed is a great gaming potential – after all, there are plenty of space and opportunities for interesting story games.

There are bunk beds, combined with storage systems, cabinets, wardrobe and drawers, and even with a desk.

Another of the decisive factors – financial, because the cost of one bunk bed is often one-third cheaper than two single beds. And this is also a weighty argument in favor of a bunk beds for your children.

Other advantages:

  • Saving useful square feet (for placing, for example, a children’s wardrobe or shelving).
  • The mattress of this bed is traditionally from 5.5 to 6.5 ft in length, which will save money – to buy new beds in the coming years will not have to.
  • Many modern models of bunk beds are equipped with additional gaming and functional details, which provides individuality to the space of each child.

So many advantages! Do you have bunk beds and flaws? Unfortunately, they are, and there are even more of them than merits. However, in defense of this decision, we say that these shortcomings are easily compensated.

Disadvantages of bunk beds

Such furniture, like a children’s bunk bed, is a source of anxiety for many parents in terms of safety. Restless sleep or active games on the second floor can theoretically cause the child to fall off. However, this is why you should carefully consider the choice of the model of the bed, so that the technical characteristics would make the upper sleeper as safe as possible.

Another problem that parents may face is the difficulty of replacing the laundry on the second level of the bed. However, children’s bunk beds are perfectly combined with sheets on the elastic, they are much easier to change, you just need to hook the corners of the sheet over the mattress. A duvet cover and pillow cases can be changed at the bottom.

Owners of apartments with very low ceilings should also be cautious with choosing bunk beds. It is worth noting that the children’s room with a bunk bed should be of such a height that the child occupying the upper level would not experience discomfort and could sit comfortably on the top floor of the bed. It should also be noted that the second tier is much more stuffy, and in the heating season or hot summer, the owner of the second floor of the bed will have a hard time. Do we all remember the law of physics that warm air rises? That’s just it.

It should also be noted that the second tier is much more stuffy, and in the heating season or hot summer, the owner of the second floor of the bed will have a hard time. Do we all remember the law of physics that warm air rises? That’s it.

Choosing a bunk bed for children

Consider the age

The second floor of the bed is not allowed for children under six years old. As for children under four years old – they are not recommended to be allowed even to the stairs.

Bed sides

On the second tier you should pay special attention – the sides of the bed on the second floor should be high (at least 8 inches from the mattress), to avoid the fall of the child, and without sharp edges.


Regardless – on the descent or ascent – but the ladder should be safe for the child, even if it is a teenager. It should be remembered about the slope of the staircase (strictly vertical – the most traumatic), about the steps (they should be wide and not slippery), about the quality factor of the staircase itself.


The bed should be, first of all, sturdy, taking into account daily heavy loads. Usually, children use a bunk bed not only for their intended purpose (sleep), but also for games.


Each bed has its own maximum load limit. Remember that in addition to children, the bed will also be mattresses, blankets, etc.


They should have exclusively natural fillers and coatings (linen, cotton). The perfect solution – orthopedic mattresses for children.

Other considerations:

  • Fastenings and stability – The bed should not be unsteady.
  • Consider the length (width) of berths, taking into account the growth of children and with a “margin” for the next few years.
  • The height of the second floor should allow the child to sit perfectly on the bed, without touching the ceiling with the top of the head. The same applies to the height of the first tier – the child should not touch the base of the second floor with his head.
  • Avoid beds with sharp corners, the presence of protruding fittings or fixing screws, clips, as well as the presence of a large number of decorative elements.
  • Check the strength of the bottom of each berth.
  • Handrails of the stairs – The child must embrace them effortlessly.
  • The palm place at the top should be equipped with bumps at least thirty centimeters high. This is necessary in order to protect the child from accidental falling in a dream or during games.
  • Sometimes the first level is supplied with similar rims, but they can be lower in height, about twenty centimeters. Pay attention to the fact that your bunk bed has rounded corners and well-sealed edges, this applies not only to the sides, but to the whole structure.

Types of beds for children

A very thin line separating the bed loft from the bunk bed. Nevertheless, the latter has a bonded structure of sleeping places. If you divide all models of bunk beds into groups, then it is most convenient to do this by the location of berths.

Beds can be directly under each other

Sleeping places can be located along a line, but be shifted to the right or left relative to each other.

Beds can be a single structure, but be perpendicular to each other

Bunk beds for adults

More popular are the children’s bunk beds. As furniture for adults, they are used less often. They are used in the arrangement of small apartments, rooms for guests or dachas, where people come rarely and where they spend a little time.

Low popularity of bunk beds for adults is due to the fact that only children have the desire to climb the stairs every day. Such furniture is more often used in the arrangement of hostels, hostels or barracks. A standard family consists of a husband and wife. Because of their feelings for each other, they prefer to be together everywhere, that is why they need a bed for two in any case. Such models are unlikely to be found, unless they are ordered from the manufacturer.

Selecting a bunk bed for adults

In furniture stores or online stores, a bunk bed for adults is rarely presented in a wide range, but there are several models. When buying, it is important to take into account the main characteristics, among which are the following:

Strength. The weight of an adult person exceeds the child’s, so this condition is simply necessary. Technical standards say that such furniture must withstand a mass of at least 300 kg.

Security. Each bed must have high upper edges. They will be able to protect you from falling if they are not less than 30 cm.

Stairs. Its recommended width is 40 cm. It is important that the crossbeams are stable and comfortable for future users.

Dimensions. Bunk bed for adults has impressive dimensions, so it is worthwhile to decide in advance where to put it, and only then to buy a model with a suitable length and width.

Design. Along with reliability it is important that the bed is suitable for the interior of your home.

As it was said above, before buying it is worth to make measurements of the place where the bed will stand.

For example, for rolling out options, it is important that on the floor next to the carpet with a large pile, otherwise there will be difficulties when unfolding. Another criterion is the height of the tiers.

A person should quietly fit on the bottom, without bending, because there may be problems with the back. The upper tier should be low. It is explained simply: all the heat rises, which makes the person there hot.

As for the design, there is where to go for a walk, because modern decoration and building materials provide the opportunity to choose furniture for any style. In addition, today bunk beds are not just sleeping places – they additionally include items such as boxes, shelves and even a table or sofa.

Often, these beautiful details are disguised as stairs or cupboards. You need to pay attention to the color. Bright and colorful shades are more suitable for children’s rooms. Adults are better off choosing reserved colors, and more gentle and pastel.

This condition will ensure a proper rest while staying in the bedroom. As for the style, for the classic, wooden beds are more often used. Modern trends in interior design are returning to this material.

It’s a matter of taste: for someone cozy interior with wood, while others prefer the coldness and restraint of metal structures.

Material for bunk beds

Most often, such furniture is made either from solid wood, or from metal and plastic. Sometimes, in order to save money, the manufacturer uses MDF or chipboard to create a bunk bed.

If the plastic and chipboard are certified and passed the state test for compliance with quality, what should you check with the purchase, then everything is in order. If you are in doubt, or the seller can not produce the required documentation – refrain from buying, because some types of plastics and particle boards can release harmful substances during operation.

Bunk bed ideas

Loft bed

In a sense, any bunk bed has an attic, but more often than that is the name of the model with a sleeper at the top, and below is another kind of furniture, for example, a closet.

It can be just an empty place or an additional room. Such a model, like a loft bed for adults, is more common than others. Modern designers use this option in their projects, whose goal is to save space. A loft bed with a sofa downstairs is especially popular. On it, you can not only sleep at night but also have a rest in the afternoon in front of the TV or while reading a book.

A bunk bed with a sofa at the bottom

A popular option is a bunk bed with a sofa downstairs. It is a variation of the previous model, only here the lower floor is limited to one type of furniture. The peculiarity is that in most cases such bed is performed with one bed, so for a married couple it is hardly suitable. The only way out is to order a double sofa bed individually.

There is even a model that only turns into 2 sleeping places at night, located one above the other. In the afternoon, it looks like an ordinary sofa. Learn how to choose a bed-loft with a sofa at the bottom. With a table and a cupboard If before a bunk beds with a workplace and a closet was more focused on kids, then gradually interest in such furniture appeared even in adults.

It is a small corner, which is divided into 2 zones. The upper includes only a berth. The lower one performs 2 functions at once: a storage cabinet and a workplace. The first can be made in one piece or masked under a ladder, which looks like boxes. They are located with some displacement relative to each other.

Transformation bed

The nice opition is a bunk bed transformer model. Its feature is that at night it is an ordinary sleeping place, and in the afternoon it turns into another piece of furniture. As the last serves a chest of drawers, a cabinet or a desk, from which it is not necessary to clean things. It can be a bed-sofa, unfolding on 2 levels.

The mattress is held on special fasteners. Transformation occurs also by laying outlong lines or rolling out the lower. Collapsible options easily turn into 2 separate pieces of furniture, and sliding requires a little more space.