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home decor trends for 2017 2018

Home Décor Trends for 2017-2018

Many people have been searching over the internet wanting to know what the home décor trends in 2016 will be. In fact, there are many ideas of what will be trending in the year 2017-2018, such that it will be impossible for all of them to be listed here. However, some important ones are as listed below.

1. Wallpaper
The wallpaper trend in the year 2015-2016 was ’70 style patterns, so how many will be there in 2017-2018?
• Metallic Matte: Turquoise and copper to be specific
• Sweet Pastels: Muted hues, subtle and calm will be trending
• Retro Geometrics: This comes with ultra-modern block designs and a wide range of vibrant colors.

Also comes with urban flavors distinctly via retro chic
• Natural surfaces: Consists of natural facades using stone, wood and brick patterns.

wood facade design

2. Decorative tiles

Decorative backsplashes have been going on for very many years and that’s according to the home
designers. With this in mind, expect to see more geometrical patterns adding to this illusion in 2017-2018. The use of cement and wood will assist in achieving this look. It will be seen on countertops or backsplashes and on floors.

decorative tiles

3. Artisan goods

Weaving is a good choice. This will be seen ranging from tassels, crotchets, macramé and basketry.
Homeowners will be seen mixing artisan goods with mass produced items, mixing of artisan stool
with a table from local vendors or Persian rugs will be okay.

artisan goods

4. Metals and metallic
Use of metallic finishes, brass and gold will be popular in 2017-2018, therefore, be prepared to embrace it.

metallic decor

5. Minerals

Look out for all types of minerals. Bowls of pyrite, quartz chunks will be used as display and bowls
will have some unpolished semi-precious stones.

decoration using minerals

The above information is not exhausted of the many home décor ideas for 2017-2018.