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2 How to cut laminate countertop DIY

How to Cut a Countertop Made Of Laminate or Granite DIY

Everyone who started to make repairs in the kitchen with their own hands, sooner or later will face certain tasks and even problems. Not an exception to this rule and sawed the countertops for the kitchen.

Remember that the smaller the thickness of the countertop, the easier it will be to make it cut at home. Therefore, if you are confident in your abilities, it is not necessary to buy a 1.5″ countertop for the kitchen. A perfect alternative to this will be a 1.1″ product. In addition, it is better to order a product with a margin in size, because of your experiments can suffer a minimum of 4″ of material.

Cutting tools

You can saw the countertop using a conventional manual hacksaw. If you are going to saw material with this tool, do not forget to leave a large stock – at least 4″. If you live on the very last floor and do not know how to bring the purchased table top home, cut the countertops with a hand hacksaw directly on the street will easily solve the problem.

In order for the edges to be perfectly even, you can use a straight edge mill to align them. However, here there are drawbacks. After all, cracks on the top cover of the table top may appear due to the wrong direction chosen for working with the cutter. By the way, if the chipboard thickness is 38 mm, then the cutter can overheat during work and it is very bad to enter the material.

How to cut countertop DIY

Cutting a laminated countertop

When cutting a simple EAF complications can not arise, but with the chipboard all much more difficult. Often, the table tops are covered by the manufacturer with HPL multilayer plastic, which further complicates the process. Coatings can differ very much in their properties, but they are always polymeric, because of which they have the same nuances during processing.

Cutting laminate countertop with jigsaw, it is important to carry out the sawing on the part of the product, which then will serve as the bottom of the table. The electric jig saw leaves perfectly clean and smooth edges on the chipboard. However, the inserts of the electric jigsaw, unfortunately, overheat very quickly. And this is not always a satisfactory result of the work. Alas, because of the overheating of the inserts, the tool may become unusable.

How to cut countertop DIY drills

And the latest option is the use of a circular saw. Cutting can be carried out both from the wrong side, and from the facade. It is better to give preference to the second option, because in this way you can prevent the formation of chips. When choosing a circular saw blade, be sure to pay attention to the number of teeth. If you want an even place cut, choose a disc with a large number of teeth. Equally important is the diameter of the disc. If it is very small, you will have to make a saw cut on both sides of the countertop, which is not always convenient. Especially such a method can lead to the appearance of chips. By the way, if the chips do appear, use an aluminum sidewall.

Cutting of stone countertop

In general, the artificial stone is cut using the same tools as concrete. True, some species are very durable and require a different effect, but more on that later. Now we will consider with the help of what you can cut an artificial stone of medium strength.

If you need to make holes in the stone, use a screwdriver, drill or perforator. The latter tool is more effective and practical. Cut the same artificial stone follows the Bulgarian. It is important to select the tools correctly so that the drilled hole does not turn out to be too small or too large, and the cut piece of stone was the size you need. Cutting is much easier with a pencil or a scotch line.

Cutting granite countertop in place step by step:

  1. With a sharp sharpened blade, a groove is made 2-3 mm deep. If there is a polymer coating of any plan, then the blade must first be heated and used without delay. At the pressure of cold steel on solid plastic, even with a very serious sharpening, microcracks will occur, which is desirable to avoid;
  2. Using a jigsaw, slowly and carefully adjusting the direction, a cut is made. If there are places where the direction changes, then it is better to use a hand-held jig saw or to find the smallest nail file in an electrical analog (uncomfortable, but sometimes necessary).

How to cut granite countertop DIY

Cutting countertop for sink

Cut the sink into the kitchen countertop – the event is not as simple as it might seem. It’s not just how it will be installed, the main thing is how to cut it right? It is necessary to understand that the wrong tie-in can lead to the fact that because of the leakage of water under the edges of the sink over time, the countertop itself will become wet, increase in volume and deform. Therefore, the service life of the countertop largely depends on the correct installation of the sink.

Several ways to insert

Consider in more detail how to cut the countertop under the sink. The main task, which should be solved correctly when installing a sink – compliance with the geometry of the hole for mounting in the counter. At the initial stage, you should decide which installation method to use.

  1. The top edges of the sink are located below the level of the surface of the countertop. Outwardly this method looks strictly and attractively enough, it is used for expensive sets. At its performance it is necessary to observe certain requirements:
    1. should have special tools, washing certain shapes;
    2. The cut edges of the table top must necessarily be treated with a water-repellent compound.
  2. Sewing the sink at one level with the countertop. It is important to properly prepare the surface:
    1. sites that will come into contact with the sink, moonlight a special tool, make grooves equal to the thickness of the sides of your sink, this work is rather complicated, the hole for washing should be carried out with great care.
    2. Washing is installed slightly above the level of the countertop. The method is the easiest and does not require much effort. You can install the sink in this way yourself, having a minimum set of tools.

The first stage – the marking Determine the place on the counter top under the sink. A sink should not rest against a wall, be on the very edge. But most importantly – by its position it should provide convenience in use.

Turn over the sink, lay it on the countertop and outline the contour. This is done with a pencil, the traces of which are then easily erased. After that, measure the distance from the edge of the sink to the lashing eyes.

sink installation DIY

The same distance we recede from the line of the outlined contour into it. According to the obtained marks, we designate a new contour-the inner one. We will cut out the resulting “internal” figure, in order to install a car wash instead.

The second stage – sawing the table top. We cut an unnecessary part of the countertop under the sink. It is better to make it an electric jigsaw, but you can also use an ordinary hacksaw with subsequent trimming of the edges. In order to insert the canvas into the countertop, it is necessary to drill a hole inside the contour, closer to the line.

cutting a countertop for sink

If the canvas does not fit, the hole must be widened. After that, we begin to saw along the contour line. When sawing, pay attention to the fact that the decorative coating of the counter did not experience too much pressure, saw carefully, otherwise a lot of chips formed on the front surface. However, that’s exactly what happened when I first cut the carpet myself.

The third stage – we process the edges. We work with the end of the edge of the place “drank”. This is done with a file, sandpaper. After leveling the edges of the hole, the entire end is lubricated with silicone sealant. Try to smear sealants the entire line of the cut, this is necessary to protect the countertop against possible water ingress.

mounting of the sink

On how well this stage of work on the side of the sink will be performed, the life of the countertop depends to a large extent. Then we put on the sink fixing, and install a special tape from the kit; while leaving room for silicone filling.

The fourth stage – insert the sink in the tabletop. After pouring the silicone into the prepared groove, bending the fastening parts, insert the resulting assembly into the prepared hole. The planting of the sink must be dense, if necessary, turn it slightly. And, finally, carefully tighten all the installed fasteners.

It only remains to remove the “caked” silicone when tightened and allow it to dry. Everything, we independently cut the sink into the countertop, and it can be used.

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