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How to stop a toilet from sweating DIY

How to Remove Condensation on Toilet Tank DIY Guide

Drops of moisture, and sometimes strong streaks (condensation) on the drain tank in the bathroom, a frequent occurrence. In addition to the fact that excessive moisture requires frequent cleaning, it also leads to the appearance of rust on the water pipes. Also the problem is the formation of mold and dampness on the floor, and in the end, the unpleasant odor present in the room. Getting rid of such trouble is very real, if you know the reasons, and the main ways to eliminate it.

Why does the toilet sweating

Sweating toilet tank appears due to the fact that the water temperature in it differs from the air temperature in the room by an average of 15 degrees. That’s why the surface begins to “sweat”. Water to the toilet comes from a pipeline that is on the street or under the ground, if the yard is winter and the room is heated, the difference will be huge. Why does my toilet sweat?

How to stop condensation

The reasons of toilet tank condensation:

Water leakage – appears due to faulty parts of the valve, when the tank starts to fill with cold water. The condensate is formed independently of the pressure of the water, however, it depends on how much the tank fogs up. To get rid of condensation formed as a result of leakage, it is necessary to adjust the drainage system or change the faulty parts of the toilet bowl;

excessive water consumption – the more often the toilet is lowered, the more cold liquid enters it. Accordingly, the probability that the surface will be misted up will be higher. To solve this problem without damage in terms of cleaning the bowl of the toilet bowl, you need to adjust it so that water is fed less. If the family is big and you often have to use the toilet, it is better to buy a toilet with a step or adjustable drain. This will significantly reduce the use of liquid and can save the reservoir from condensation;

Why is my toilet sweating

too cold water – if you live in a private house, you can additionally insulate the water line, it will slightly heat up the water when you feed and reduce the likelihood of condensation on the toilet bowl;

increased humidity in the bathroom – to cope with the condensation of the tank with high humidity in the toilet, install air dryers;

problems with the ventilation system – if they exist, the air masses will not be able to qualitatively exit, respectively, this will lead to the appearance of condensate. For example, the quality of ventilation deteriorates significantly if the holes are tightly lined, so do not recommend it in places of high humidity.

How to get rid of condensation

If the cause of condensate formation lies in the malfunction of the tank, replace the defective part, or, if this is not possible, purchase a new drain valve. How to stop a toilet from sweating:

If you managed to find out that the matter is still in the temperature difference, you can resort to a very simple, but not very economical solution – to ensure the supply of warm water to the toilet. The main thing is that the water is not hot, otherwise all the drain valves will become unusable.
As a temporary measure, you can use the heating shutdown. For the summer period, when the apartment is already warm, it can be a good way out of the situation. But with the onset of cold weather, we will have to look for a new, more thorough solution.

Such a solution can be the minimization of cold water consumption. To implement this idea, you need to purchase a special drain button for the toilet – which drains only half of the usual amount of water. In the tank all the time there will be only a few liters of water, which will have time to warm up. This solution, in spite of some inconvenience, will help you to reduce the cost of paying water for the meters.

toilet tank insulation

Another original solution is the organization of the thermal insulation of the drain tank with the help of a mounting foam. It does not look very aesthetic, but it helps to say goodbye to the condensate forever.

How to stop toilet from sweating using ventilation

To reduce the level of humidity, you need to adjust the operation of the ventilation of the bathroom. In each apartment there are special ventilation “windows” that provide air circulation. In pursuit of the beauty of the interior, some residents seal these holes with finishing materials, which, of course, is unacceptable. To mask the ventilation windows, it is necessary to buy decorative grilles, which are specially designed for this purpose. They can be selected according to color, shape and design. Before installing decorative gratings, clean the ventilation ducts of debris.

How to stop a toilet from sweating

Ventilation of air in the room can be organized even more effectively if you connect a forced ventilation system. Even a simple fan, inserted into the ventilation window and turned on when lighting the light in the bathroom, will solve the problem of condensation on the cold surfaces. If, after this, the toilet tank swells, then call for specialists to install more powerful ventilation systems.

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