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How to snake a drain

How to Use a Drain Snake For Eliminating Clogs

The new sewerage system works flawlessly, but after a while the mud accumulates in the pipes, creating cork. The first sign is slowly leaving water, the second is the appearance of a specific odor. To get rid of trouble, you should remove the blockage. The problem is solved easily, if you know how to clean the sewer with a cable. And the truth is – sometimes it is easier to master the technology of cleaning sewer pipes than to wait for the plumbing.

How to snake a drain tips

Why do clogs occur?

In total, there are three types of blockages, each of which is capable of causing malfunctions or even complete stopping of the sewage system:

  • Mechanical blockage. The reason for the occurrence of such blockages is inaccuracy or ignorance of the rules of operation of the sewage system. There is such an emergency situation, if a large thing is thrown into the toilet, which gets stuck in the pipe and interferes with the normal flow of sewage. Typically, to clean the sewer in this case, you have to disassemble the pipeline to find and remove the object, because the sanitary cable for cleaning the sewer is unlikely to be able to destroy it, and the water will not be able to wash it off.
  • Operational blockage. This type of clogging is due to the fact that during operation of the sewage system, fat, small food particles, hair, animal hair, fabric fibers, sand and other debris fall into the pipes. All this can contribute to the fact that on the walls of pipes from the inside will build up deposits. If a blockage of this type is formed, then using a cable for cleaning pipes, you can solve the problem.

How to snake a drain DIY

  • Technological clogging. This is the most problematic option, the cause of such clogs is either the wear of pipes, or the errors made during the design or installation of the system. To clean the canalization in this case is useless, blockages will be formed with an enviable regularity. The only effective solution is the replacement of pipes or elimination of errors. To clean pipes with a cable is only as a temporary measure.

Types of Plumbing Snakes

When choosing a cable for cleaning the sewer, you should know that this tool can have a different diameter and length:

The cable rope of a small diameter is 0.375 “, it is made of galvanized steel, which is why it is very strong and durable.The cable is elastic and flexible to easily pass through the turns in the pipeline.As a rule, the cables are produced five meters long. , as they can remove blockage in the apartment, but it is not suitable for cleaning the external sewerage of the house.

drain snake types

1/2 “cable for cleaning pipes also applies to domestic models, but it has a completely different design. It is made from a hollow spiral, so the cable is called spring.

A 6-foot long cable already refers to professional equipment. This is a spiral for sewage cleaning, wound from a spring wire having a diameter of 0.5 “.It is necessarily equipped with a handle that resembles a curve in the form of a curved shaft.This cable is used to remove blockages in risers and pipes arranged horizontally. cleaning the toilet.

proffessional drain snake

Professional cables can also be equipped with 12V batteries and electric drive, but such models are not needed for home use and cost more than $ 100.

How to Use a Plumbing Snake

Use a cable for cleaning the sewer is advisable when there are operational blockages.

Sometimes this method manages to cope with mechanical blockage.

Using flexible cables, it is possible to clean both the internal sewage system and the external pipeline in private houses.

For use in apartments it is convenient to use spring-loaded cables for snaking a drain with a diameter of 6 or 9 mm. The length of the cable should be 5 or 6 meters.

How to snake a drain easy

Sometimes the use of special attachments helps a lot. These are devices designed to deal with clogs of different types.

For example, there are nozzles for eliminating dense plugs, there are products that help to remove sediment from the walls or to clean pipes in case of siltation.

Sometimes a set of baits is sold together with a cable for cleaning.

How to clean?

  • One end of the cable is folded into a ring and taken in the palm of your hand. The second end is introduced into the opening of the sewer pipe.
  • Begin to do forward movement backward, while rotating the cable. Such movements help to easily overcome the turns in the pipe.
  • Which way should the cable rotate? As a rule, experts advise doing as convenient, but sometimes the direction of rotation may be due to the direction of the turns of the pipes.
  • The only condition is to rotate the cable in one chosen direction, without changing it during the work cycle.
  • During operation, it is necessary to periodically remove the cable from the pipe to remove debris from it.
  • If the water starts to go away, you need to open the tap. First, giving a weak pressure of water, then gradually increasing the strength of the flow. If possible, flush the pipes better with hot water.
  • At the end of the operation, the wire for cleaning the sewer or cable is removed, thoroughly washed in hot water with detergent added, dried and stored for storage.

Advice! Sewerage is considered clean if the water leaves with the formation of a funnel. If this does not happen, continue the cleaning operation.

How to Unclog a Toilet With a Snake

The end of the cable descends into the toilet bowl and pushes until it stops. The handle rotates in one direction until the cable turns so as to pass the bend. When rotating the handle, hold the cable with the second hand. After the cable rests in the stopper from the dirt, you need to continue to scroll the handle.

If there were any doubts as to what the end of the cable was on – another bend in the pipe or blockage, you need to get it out by scrolling the handle in the direction opposite to the original one. If there are lumps of rubbish at the end of the steel wire, you must remove them and repeat the procedure. Feeling that the cork has moved, do not stop, you need to move on, pushing the cork into a wide drain pipe.

To clean the drain with plastic parts, the end of the cable is put on the plugs so that it does not damage the pipes. If you do not do this, the sewage cleaning by your own hands can end badly – you will have to change part of the drainage system.

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