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under bed storage ideas

The Best Ideas for Under Bed Storage

Even in the smallest bedroom it is possible to find a place for storage things. For example, under bed storage.

This way of storage in the bedroom can be implemented in completely different versions – taking into account your needs and the style of the room.

The only model for which this solution does not fit is the “Japanese” version with low legs and a mattress on the frame. In all other cases, this additional storage method can help avoid at least one of the following problems:

  • the need to purchase a big wardrobe,
  • lack of useful space – in the existing furniture or in the bedroom or apartment,
  • the placement of things that have not yet found a permanent place.

Built-In Solutions

Now the furniture market has many options of under bed storage as built-in drawers. This is an excellent option for those who do not want to painfully pick up boxes by size and colors, ordering them separately.

under bed storage drawer

Another option – a bed with a lifting mechanism of under bed storage. Their advantages are obvious: an increase in useful space, easy access, the ability to place things with a large height or width.

underbed storage lifted

Also, do not forget about the catwalk-beds, which can be either with drawers or with shelves for books.


If your furniture does not have drawers, you can buy them separately to make convenient under bed storage. Today, you can pick up boxes, cases and containers of any color and material at an affordable price. The choice strikes a variety: plastic, fabric, mesh, wooden, wicker, with handles, with wheels, with lids, locks, etc.

under bed drawers

Boxes for storing toys are desirable to use transparent, translucent or mesh. On opaque boxes you can paste pictures of those things and toys that will be stored there – this will also facilitate the search.

under bed drawers with wheels

If you plan to put high or wide boxes under the bed, then it’s better to choose models with wheels for under bed storage. So you do not need to move heavy boxes, besides, you will not scratch the floor.

Plastic Containers

The main advantages of this option – the price and the presence of the cover, although the capacity is less than the previous category. The height starts from 20 cm, the volumes are different. Sometimes such boxes are made of transparent plastic, so you will quickly see the contents, which is especially useful if there are several such boxes under the bed.

plastic containers for underbed storage

Open baskets

Fans of eco-style and country styling, for sure, like the idea of low baskets placed as under bed storage. From the dimensions you can choose in accordance with what exactly you need to store there: trivia or more voluminous things.

storage baskets

With a certain perseverance and sufficient funds, you can buy a bed with special open compartments for such baskets.

Old suitcases

Those who feels enthusiastic about the vintage style will probably be delighted with the original way of using old suitcases made of natural materials. Pay special attention to this storage option if you have a wrought-iron bed. It looks very elegant in combination with such a vintage under bed storage.

old suitcases

Unusual Options

Inner compartments in drawers or a mass of small boxes? Or maybe a round section of a suitable height that can be rotated as needed?

Using the catwalk for fans of podiums, youth rooms or housing with high ceilings.

Useful advices

  • You can not see anything placed in under bed storage, but this does not mean that everything needs to be kept mixed up. Divide all the compartments: bed linens, books, things. Only in this way you can quickly find the right thing, without turning everything upside down.
  • If you do not like the look of the drawers under the bed, then choose the bedspread to the floor. Although now an increasingly popular attribute are the gaps for the bed. They give the interior an identity and make it much more comfortable. And small pockets on the podium allow you to store bedside details: glasses, pins, books, etc.
  • The boxes under bed storage are not designed for storing things that should be easily accessible (except, perhaps, only toys). They are ideal for storing rarely used things. We offer a list of things that can be stored under the bed depending on the room.