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4 Things That Make Homes Smell Bad

Those living at home might not notice it at once, but every residence has a characteristic smell. Sometimes, if no action is taken to mitigate it, it can get increasingly unpleasant for outsiders. Apart from the normal consequences of everyday activities of the occupants, there are certain other factors that might make a home more susceptible to developing chronic stinks.

1. Smoking Inside

Smokers at home might not agree, but lighting up inside gives your home that ashy, choking odor
we associate with alleyways. Besides letting out noxious carbon gases, smoking also causes a
deposit of soot on the walls and furnitures to develop over time, which further permeates the awful smell.

smoking at home

2. Lack of exhaust fans

Exhaust fans are important, whether in bathrooms or the kitchen. You might think they serve a very localized purpose, but the lack of an effective exhaust fan in any of these places can cloak your home in all kinds of foul smells.

lack of exhaust fans

3. Wiping the floor with stale water

Wiping the floor is an obvious step to keeping your home clean. But if you sweep the floor with dirty or unclean water, the result could be a whole lot worse than just dirty floor. Unclean water, which becomes a hotbed for bacteria, starts to let off foul smell, if left sitting for long enough. And you happened to just rub it all over your home!

bad water wiped floor

4. Packing spaces too tightly

Another common cause of dirt and weird odors is tightly packed objects. Such corners around your
home, which are stuffed with extra junk, become centers of dust and decay. The trapped moisture
and dirt leads to the birth of bacteria and fungus, which again cause unpleasant odors.

tightly packed space

Apart from keeping your home clean, these are a few nuances that most people seem to miss. The
results are homes which are overwhelmed by certain kinds of smell, adversely affecting your
prestige. No one wants their friends to think they live in a dirty house.