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things to do in garden before winter

Things You Should Do to Your Garden Before Winter

Who does not like a break from the gardening routine occasionally? Luckily, winter comes every year and presents people with a chance to relax, read a book and arrange for the next gardening season.
However, how many people put the garden to rest in a manner that it remains productive over
winter? The following gardening tips can help you keep your garden healthy and orderly when the
winter fever hits.

You Can Still Plant

Gardeners can plant other plants before the arrival of winter and complement the vegetables. Some of the most popular plants to consider are mums and pansies. While at it, think about the post-winter period too. In this regard, bulbs are good additions to the garden. To preserve bare soil, plant cover crops such as clover or rye.

planting vegetation before winter

Do Some Cleaning Up

The main reason for cleaning up the garden for winter is to get rid of diseases and pests. When you
collect the leaves, you are not only adding to your stock of mulch, but also preventing smothering.
You can also use the leaves for composite pile. Dead annuals and fallen fruits are perfect habitats for pests, which may cause problems for a long time.

garden cleaning up

Maintain the Lawn

Lawn care before winter is mainly about activities such as application of fertilizer, spreading compost and aeration. Others include planting grass on the bare patches and discouraging the weeds.

maintain a lawn

Final Preparations

You can easily forget the position of your plants before the snow came. That is why you may need to label your plants just before winter. You also need to prevent browsing in the garden, so surround your favorite trees and shrubs with wire mesh. A few layers of mulch will maintain an even temperature-this prevents soil heaving. Welcome winter now.

garden preparations before winter


Preparing the garden for winter is mostly a matter of collecting debris and covering the plants from the harsh effects of weather. By keeping the intruders away and maintaining healthy temperatures
in the garden, flowers, grass, shrubs and everything else in the garden will have some peace, just as you do.